These processes for voting at the NCA 2018 Elections to be held on November 25, 2018 are drawn from Section 16 of the 2016 NCA Constitution.

Electoral Committee

Canon Dr. B.C. Emenogu


Steve Ezeude

Felix Udoh / Member

Roselyn Okobia / Member

Tim Ogunaike / Member

1. The official list of candidates has been released and candidates are encouraged to continue with their campaigns. Candidates may continue to campaign until the day of the election to encourage eligible members to come out and vote. There shall be no campaign or canvasing of votes at the venue of the election.

2. Only eligible candidates whose names appear in the register of voters provided by the NCA treasurer will be allowed to vote. To be eligible to vote a person must be fully registered and paid up for the current year and satisfy all necessary conditions of membership according to Section of NCA Constitution 2016. New member registration and payment of dues will not be permitted at the venue of the elections.

3. Voting by proxy will not be permitted (16.2.18). However, online voting may be permitted if technology permits. If used, online voting will open on Wednesday, November 21 at 8am and close on Saturday, November 24 at 8pm.

4. Paper voting will commence about 3:00pm on Sunday, November 25, 2018 and end at 5:00pm. Voting shall be by secret ballot and a person may vote only once and for only one candidate for each office. Multiple voting will disqualify the vote. Voting must be done on a duly certified ballot paper provided by the electoral committee and in an appropriate box provided by the committee.

5. There shall be two post s with voters’ list by alphabetical order of last name to be administered by two members of the electoral committee where voters must present themselves with a government issued ID to an electoral officer who must verify their eligibility before giving them a ballot for voting.

6. Once you are giving a ballot, the officer will check off your name on the voters’ register and mark your left thumb with an indelible ink or make you sign against your name. You must then proceed to the polling area to vote and must drop the ballot in the ballot box before leaving whether or not you have mark ed the ballot.

7. Counting of votes shall commence immediately after the election, and shall continue until all the votes are counted. In the event of a tie, there shall be a runoff election. The results of the elections shall be announced immediately after the counting of the votes.

8. Every candidate may appoint a representative as an observer during the election and the counting of votes. Such a representative shall only observe the process and the counting of the votes and not participate in it. For purposes of clarity, this does not preclude such a representative from voting.

9. If only one candidate is nominated for an office, the candidate must secure the votes of a minimum of 50% plus one of the number of votes cast for that office at the election in order to be elected. Where the candidate does not receive the required number of votes he/she would be declared un-elected and the position remains vacant for a by-election.

10. Should any candidate or any member of NCA for that matter be dissatisfied with the election, such a person should follow the process of appeal in section 16.3 of the 2016 NCA Constitution.