Motto: Promoting cultural awareness and positive values of Nigerian Canadians.

Motto: Promoting cultural awareness and positive values of Nigerian Canadians.


Nigerian Canadian Association is a non-profit community based organization that is committed to addressing the integration, education, health, housing, social services, culture, and economic development needs of of Nigerian Canadians and other immigrants in Canada, through programs services and advocacy.

Our members are law-abiding residents of Canada, and that we have resolved to write and enact a Constitution for the purpose of achieving the aims and objectives set out in our constitution.

Aims and Objective: The primary objective of the Association is to foster the economic, social and cultural development of the people of Nigeria as a whole and the society we live in and to act as a medium of rendering financial and moral support to the individual members.


01. Our Vision and Mission

  • Celebrating unity in our diversity and lifting each other up in dignity, honesty, integrity and respect.
  • To make communal resources available to all Nigerians legally residing in Canada
  • To have positive and enduring impact in the lives of all Nigerians in Canada
  • To understand the needs of all Nigerians in Canada and proffer assistance.
  • To have a library of resources for all Nigerians in Canada

02. Economic Development

  • To promote and engage in enterprises of a charitable nature, including the acquisition of properties, promotion of businesses and similar activities for the benefit of our members, in accordance with the laws of Canada.
  • In the event of natural disaster in Ontario or any other province in Canada NCA shall render assistant if possible.
  • To invest the Association funds and if necessary, to reinvest them from time to time in any securities upon the approval by the required committee, upon the availability of such funds.
  • To promote the economic well-being of Nigerian in Canada and enhance unity among members.

03. Social Development

  • To harness the collective efforts and goodwill of Nigerian in Canada, through exchange of ideas, and explore the available resources including employment opportunities in the society for the benefit of the Association and its members.
  • To promote Nigeria culture and social values together with other Nigerians
  • To cooperate with other Nigerians in promoting the good image of our great country.
  • To understand, relate, cooperate, and help in the development of the Canadian community, which we live.
  • To develop and implement family enrichment programs, with emphasis on adjustments, family stability, youth development, childcare and guidance services.

04. Cultural Development

  • To organize from time to time social and cultural activities in accordance with the laws of Canada.
  • To promote, educate and represent the cultural richness of Nigeria to Canada and Canadians.