My name is Akin Oduntan . I graduated from University of Lagos, Nigeria, studied Pharmacology/Physiology. I did some certificate courses in Health & Safety. I have been privileged to work in various capacities as a professional. Before I immigrated to Canada, I was the PRO of Association of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ASPON) . Currently, I am self-employed, looking forward to creating employment for the members of our community, especially the youth.

I am very creative with lots of initiative; I am an enquiring person, with an analytical mind and an ongoing interest in current affairs. I am also a persuasive, resilient and confident individual.

In my candid opinion, the main reasons for running for the position of Public Relations (PR) Officer and what I intend to do are as follows:

  • I would like to use all means of communication available to build, maintain and manage the reputation of NCA and all its Satellite Association.
  • Reputation arises from what you do, say and what others say about you. In this age of intense competition in all sectors, I can be the organization’s greatest asset.
  • I will research , analyze and do a continuous evaluation of the NCA and operational strategy.
  • Conduct interviews and focus groups; co-coordinate surveys; research recent reports and articles; and commission the progress of the NCA
  • Initiate and plan campaigns, define goals, analyze problems and opportunities; liaise with the Chairman of the Board/Board members, the President and all other Executive members.
    Write and edit press releases, in-house newsletters, speeches, articles and reports; maintain and update information on the association’s website .
  • Prepare and supervise the production of publicity brochures, handouts, direct mail leaflets, promotional videos, answer enquiries from individuals, journalists and other organizations.
    Speak at public meetings, press conferences, and do radio and TV interviews on behalf of NCA. I will also develop and maintain good working relations with the media, including local and national newspapers, magazines, radio and television;
  • Help to organize special events, such as press conferences, exhibitions, and community relations through events and involvement in community initiatives.
  • Conclusively, as a potential candidate, I have shown the evidence of my candidacy and I need your votes. God Bless.