By the Grace of Almighty God, we will come out stronger than before from this storm and lockdown of COVID-19 and our Testimonies are not negotiable IJN, Amen.

Elder Felix Udoh

All caregivers/First responders.
Accept St Francis of Assisi, my school appreciation of the selfless but courageous response you give, weathering the storm for our overall safety. Remain blessed 💙

Roy Eze 🙏

On behalf of the Leadership of NCA I’d like to thank those of our membership and others everywhere who are in the health care professions, particularly, doctors, nurses, PSW’s, social worker, nurse’s aides etc who are in the frontlines of this pandemic and risking your lives so that we may be alive.

This pandemic has revealed to all of us the deep and great love for mankind ingrained in your professions. We are amazed and overwhelmed by your courage and sacrifice at this very trying time. Yours is no different from what soldiers do in the battlefield charging at blazing machine gun locations of the enemy to neutralize them so that the entire units can be saved.

May God bless you all.

We all have nothing but monumental respect, gratitude, and great applause for your selfless courage.

God bless you all. You all have shown yourselves to have been blessed by God to be a blessing in our lives.

God bless you in Jesus Name.

Ben Allison
NCA BoD Chairman

An appreciation very empathically sincere, and spiritually deep. This captures our ineffable gratitude to our indefatigable first responders during the ongoing pandemic. Well done Chair👍💪🏿🙏🏽

Roy Eze