Manifesto of Mr. George Chukwu, Candidate For The Office of Vice President of the Nigerian Canadian Association (NCA).

1. Chairperson, Esteemed Members of the Electoral Committee, my brothers and sisters in NCA, Good Evening.

2. My name is George Chukwu. As a very proud and true Nigerian citizen I humbly offer myself as candidate for the respected position of Vice President of the Nigerian Canadian Association, NCA.

3. NCA’s aims and objectives as enshrined in our constitution is to serve as a common forum and platform that engenders and enhances unity, bonding, and communal interests amongst Nigerian in the GTA, in their social, cultural, economic lives.

4. It also commits to represent the interests of its membership in the Canadian community and with the Nigerian government and members of its diplomatic corps in Canada.

5. I realize fully the serious implications of the office of Vice President of this respected body. I know that the duties of the Vice President is to essentially deputize the President, and to be ready to act in his/her place when delegated to do so, and, if occasion demands, assume the responsibilities of the office of President.

6. I am encouraged to run for this office because I genuinely see NCA as a great and veritable vessel through which unity of Nigerian community in Toronto can be truly achieved. There is an estimated figure of 30,000 Nigerian in Ontario most of whom live in the GTA. There are less than 200 Nigerians that are registered members of NCA. This figure is unflattering.

7. The outgoing Caretaker Committee has done a good job of continuing the efforts of the past leaders of NCA to reach out to the many diverse groups that make up the Nigerian community in Toronto. I am committed to seeing that these vigorously efforts continue. The gospel of love, inclusiveness, fellow-feeling, and unity must continue to be preached amongst us in a practical and manifest manner. I shall be a ready asset in this regard.

8. If elected to the position of the VP, I will work very hard to support, energize, and fulfil the vision of the President and the Executive Committee regarding economic empowerment of Nigerians in the GTA through business education, seminars, exchange of business ideas, and constituting and creating a house of ideas to help offer assistance to Nigerian government in any areas that may be needed

9. I shall also work with the President towards making the presence and impact of NCA felt here in Canada and in Nigeria by establishing and enhancing net-working mechanisms with Canadian politicians, business persons, and community and opinion leaders in Canada.

10. Brothers and Sisters, I must mention that I am presently the Director of Business Development of the Afro-global Television and its TV Host. I am also a member of the Board of Directors of the Igbo Canadian Community Association (ICCA), and was Vice President of the Orlu General Assembly. Like most of you, I am a proud Nigerian patriot.

11. Brothers and Sisters, I am honored to submit myself as candidate for the position of VP in this election