Nigerian Canadian Association produces clear, accurate and practical legal information to help people understand and exercise their legal rights.

The Law Society supports a number of services that help to make sure the residents of Ontario are well served by their legal system. These include Law Society initiatives, as well as those of other organizations.

Our platform provides Free legal information on a wide range of topics, in a variety of languages, produced by hundreds of organizations such as:

The Ontario Divorce Information Network (ODIN) is a Free Divorce information service for Ontario residents researching separation and divorce in the Province of Ontario. The ODIN Platform is committed to dispute resolution processes and will provide you with information, better personalized and customized to your unique situation.

The personalized, 6-page, Separation Analysis Report will help you plan your separation, avoid costly mistakes and address legal, financial and tax questions regarding divorce and your children, debt, investments, support, etc. Read More

Healthy Separation Divorce Network: They are a non-profit online service for people going through separation/divorce. Their goal is to promote healthier separation by making it easier for you to create your own network of family service professionals and supports, based on your unique situation. They share articles about topics that are important when you are going through a separation, such as children, financial issues and communication strategies to reduce conflict with your former partner. They know it is hard, but you are not alone. A healthier future for you and your family is possible! Read More

If you are charged with a crime in Canada, you have a right to a trial in criminal court. At the trial, a lawyer for the government will try to prove that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If they cannot prove this, then the court will find you not guilty.

Be sure you know what kind of immigration status you have here. If you are not a Canadian citizen, what the court decides may affect your status. It may lead immigration authorities to take steps to get a “removal order” against you. This is an order to remove you from Canada to another country.

Here are just a few examples of crimes that could affect your immigration status — driving while you are drunk, stealing even if you steal something of little value, assaulting your family or other people, having illegal drugs.

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Aims and Objective

The primary objective of the Association is to foster the economic, social and cultural development of the people of Nigeria as a whole and the society we live in and to act as a medium of rendering financial and moral support to the individual members.Read More


The Purpose of this Constitution is to create a constitutional framework that binds Members of the Nigerian Canadian Association in Community Development (hereinafter referred to as the “Nigerian Canadian Association” or “NCA”)Read More

Social Development

To harness the collective efforts and goodwill of Nigerian in Canada, through exchange of ideas, and explore the available resources including employment opportunities in the society for the benefit of the Association and its members.Read More

Economic Development

To promote and engage in enterprises of a charitable nature, including the acquisition of properties, promotion of businesses and similar activities for the benefit of our members, in accordance with the laws of Canada.Read More