My name is Nekpen Obasogie and I am running for Assistant Social Secretary in Nigerian Canadian Association NCA (Toronto Region)

As a regular/active member of NCA for two consecutive years, I have observed some gaps in the system. My goal is to utilize my tenacity and professional experiences as the founder of a TV show (NEBO TV), founder /president of an organization at York University (Immigrant Women’s Alliance IWA) and MSW student  (Master’s of Social Work) at York University to affect change and bridge those gaps in NCA.

My Ten Priorities for NCA Include:

1. Promoting the oneness of NCA, by engaging all Nigerians from diverse ethnic/tribal backgrounds in the GTA to participate in decision-making processes in all matters involving NCA (inclusiveness of all Nigerians)

2. To work closely with other executives and members of NCA to ensure that our events are officially documented and showcased to the rest of the world.

3. I will ensure that NCA monthly meetings are recorded and published on different media platforms (with the consensus of other executives and members of NCA).

4. My media experience (technology/IT) will reflect in every aspect of NCA events (all events will be well promoted prior/latter of the event)

5. I will work with other executives and members to decide how to successfully promote NCA and harness membership drive

6 My core duty is to be the “organiser’ of your society and ensure that things run smoothly (by actively involving in organising meetings, book rooms, write minutes and communicate what’s going on to your members)

7. I will join other executives and members to protect and maintain the constitution as the guiding principle of NCA

8. Schedule time with the rest of the Exec (organising committee) to complete plans

9. I will ensure that accurate records of NCA socials such as, photos, videos and other materials are properly kept for future use.

10. To effectively respect the rules and regulations of NCA (including the guiding principles mediated in the constitution)

My aim is to serve NCA to my best ability (transparent services and tenacity)