Motto: Promoting cultural awareness and positive values of Nigerian Canadians.

My name is Ojie Eghobor, President Nigerian Canadian Association In Community Development. Greater Toronto Area aka NCA.

Today’s Nigerian Independence day ceremony marks the culmination of a process which began sixty one years ago.

It is with justifiable pride that we claim the achievement of our forefathers for Independence to be unparalleled in the archives of nations building.

When October 1st 1960 was chosen for Nigerian Independence, it was a signal that the people and its frontier were destined to move with dignity to her place of prominence on the world stage.

The committees of nations are aware of how hard Nigerians strive to uphold her unity in diversity. The objectives have always and will continue to be the desired to preserve the territorial integrity and unity of Nigeria.

For as one country we would be able to maintain lasting peace amongst our various communities; achieve rapid economic development to improve the lot of our people; guarantee a dignified future and respect in the world for our prosperity and contribute to African unity and modernization.

As a nation united in purpose, living in a community devoid of ethnic racor, religious bigotry, and or political discrimination. We must act as good sportsmen, set aside our differences and harness our energies to the task of nation building.

When we accepted the burden of leadership on the 30th May 2021, we were conscious of the fact that these are critical and trying times in the history of our nation.

We were clearly aware of the imperatives of communal coexistence, reconciliation and restoration of unwavering unity to our troubled nation in an atmosphere of peace and stability.

We were also determined to re-establish the professional image and the integrity of the various ethnic bodies of our community to enable them to play their integral roles in collaborative community building.

My capable professionals and hard-working Executives and I have resolved to address these challenges in an organized, deliberate, and orderly fashion, always putting the highest community interest before all else.

In the words of our national anthem, Though our tribe and tongue may differ, in brotherhood we stand.

The late Mahatma Gandhi, once said “The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Together we’re stronger, this is the task before us all.

God bless us all