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Nigerian Canadian Association produces clear, accurate and practical legal information to help people understand and exercise their legal rights.

The Law Society supports a number of services that help to make sure the residents of Ontario are well served by their legal system. These include Law Society initiatives, as well as those of other organizations.

Our platform provides Free legal information on a wide range of topics, in a variety of languages, produced by hundreds of organizations such as:

  • Criminal Case Network


  • Immigration Network:

Immigration : Visit and here for more information:

Visit for more information on Legal Aid Ontario’s (LAO) services or for answers to questions on refugee law, criminal law, mental health issues.

  • Real Estate Network


  • Divorce/Separation Network

The Divorce/Separation Network is a non-profit online service for people going through separation/divorce. The goal is to promote healthier separation by making it easier for you to create your own network of family service professionals and supports, based on your unique situation. Sharing of articles about topics that are important when you are going through a separation, such as children, financial issues and communication strategies to reduce conflict with your former partner are shared and encouraged. We know it is hard, but you are not alone. A healthier future for you and your family is possible! Click here for more information