I am Isioro Tokunbo Jaboro, and I am interested in taking on the responsibility as the Social Secretary of the Nigerian Canadian Association (NCA). If elected as the Social Secretary I shall be responsible for heading and organizing social events for NCA throughout the year including out of season activities where members are invited. As the Social Secretary, part of my responsibility will include working in conjunction with the Social Committee for organizing the NCA organization’s main social events each year among others.

My Vision For NCA:

  • Kick off planning for 2019 Nigerian Independents day Celebration
  • Collaborate with the president-elect and other Excos on fundraising activities to achieve our goals.
  • Work with the heads of Nigerian – Canadian student unions and other organizations alike to include them in social committee that will encourage them to help NCA win the support of our youths.
  • Plan with others, including working closely with the elected Executives, Board and the House on starting up NCA’s very first (Nigerian Cultural Festival), modelled after the likes of “FESTAC 77,” “CARIBANA,” and “AFROFEST.”
  • Use my film background as the president and CEO of a film corporation to help to promote NCA and give it a much bigger awareness.
  • Use the influence I have as the president of the first and only movie distributor of Nollywood, African and Independent film in selected Cinemas in Toronto, by including NCA logo and share flyers to help create awareness for NCA.
  • As the founder of the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival – TINFF, I will have NCA presence in each year’s edition. This will give NCA the much needed local and international publicity platform it needs.

Achievements That Qualifies Me For This Community Service Job:

True Sail Productions & Motion Pictures:

I am the President and CEO of True Sail Productions & Motion Pictures. The production company responsible with multiple award-winning movie Saving Dreams, and others. As a multiple award-winning Producer & Director, my movies have achieved multiple nominations and won 24 awards globally! This includes the following:

  • Official Selection at African International Film Festival (AFRIFF) – Lagos
  • Official Selection and won at the Reel Time Film Festival – Lagos -2016
  • Official Selection and won twice at the Real-Time Film Festival – Australia – 2016
  • Official Selection and won at the Canadian Diversity Film Festival
  • Official Selection and won at the Chandler International Film Festival – Arizona USA.
  • Nominated the Prestigious African Movie Academy Award – (AMAA)- 2017
  • Won the AE Award 2015
  • The on one to have won the Prestigious Vigor Int Award twice. In 2016 and Sept -2018
  • And won Accolade Global Film Competition for (Best African America Film) March 2018


In addition to films, I have also the founder of the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival (TINFF). TINFF was founded October 1st, 2016 and is a fast-growing film festival that celebrates diversity here in Canada. TINFF is putting Nollywood in the spotlight here in Canada and today the festival is been talked about and celebrated globally. www.tinff.net

True Sail Distribution:

I pleased to say that I am the president and CEO of True Sail Distribution. TSD has partnered with 3 independent Cinemas (Albion Cinema, York Cinema & Woodside Cinema) to bring and release Nollywood movies and African Movies to the big screen. We release The Wedding Party 2 on February 14th (Valentine’s Day) and since released 4 other titles. While this is new, it is a big step for Nollywood and Nigerian Community in general. www.truesaildistribution.com

True Sail Talent Agency:

I am also the Founder of True Sail Talent Agency, a social media group on Facebook that has provided an acting opportunity for the diverse race including Nigerians in the movie industry. https://www.facebook.com/groups/TrueSailTalentAgency/

I believe that as the social secretary, I bring a something solid to the table. I am also optimistic that my ongoing achievements and successes in the movie industry give me an edge and which will eventually come to play. My experience working as a team is an asset, and I am looking forward, if elected to work with others in NCA and discover new ways in which we can engage our youths, current members and other satellite organizations to expand their outreach which will be beneficial to NCA in attracting old and new members to be active NCA members. Therefore, voting and electing me as the next Social Secretary, will be a great honour to have the opportunity to serve the Nigerian Canadian Community.