The NCA Youth Advocacy Network is a youth-led advocacy program and training organisation addressing issues of sexual and reproductive health and rights; education and training; arts, culture and society and violence prevention.

The aim of the mentorship program is to develop mentoring partnerships by introducing and matching experienced professionals with individuals who are seeking a mentor. Ideally, the mentor will provide guidance, information and connections to the mentee that would clarify and strengthen their career path.

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is a role model who provides coaching, guidance and support to the mentee concerning workplace skills, job performance and career progression. Mentors are often referred to as coaches. Additionally, they would have experience in their field and be able and willing to voluntarily enter into a mentoring relationship. Mentors are good listeners, resourceful and want to help others reach their potential.

  • One to One Mentoring: A traditional face- to- face mentor and mentee relationship for individualized guidance.
  • Peer to Peer Mentoring: Pairs experienced employees as mentors to new employees to assist with the on-boarding process and workplace retention.
  • Short-Term or Goal-Oriented Mentoring: Focuses on specific goals and results with a shorter time window.
  • Reverse Mentoring: Matches mature mentees with younger and experienced mentors to help the mentees stay current on new trends and technologies.
  • E-Mentoring: May be useful for mentors and mentees who are adept at using computers and technology. This partnership requires trust and serious consideration to limiting topics, confidentiality of documents and organizational policies.
  • Speed Mentoring/Networking: This is a one-time only meeting between the mentor and mentee within which targeted information is delivered. When done in a group format, it offers opportunities for networking.
  • Group Mentoring: A group of mentors serve together as a resource for a defined group of mentees with similar expectations. Mentors share responsibilities for each mentee’s growth and meet at regular intervals.

Benefits of Mentoring

  • Opportunity to develop leadership, communication and coaching skills.
  • Stay up to date on development and trends within your field.
  • Share your knowledge, skills, experience and network.
  • Foster the growth and development of new professionals in the field.
  • Increased sense of contribution by motivating and supporting others to reach their professional goals.
  • Exchange ideas and perspectives on issues and trends in your field.
  • Develop professional relationships and attract new talent in your field.
  • Return on Investment for employers by increasing productivity and reducing employee turnover.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact us directly.  We would like to learn more about your interest in mentorship as well as your experience and educational background

Youth Enlightenment Service is a not-for-profit organisation provides youth focused services recognizing those essential values of the young people whilst encouraging all young people irrespective of race, religion, gender, disability or sexual orientation to become involved with variety educational programmes.

Youth Enlightenment Service will support, challenge and enable the learning of young people in order that they may realise their full potential in shaping their own lives. Youth Enlightenment Service will also promote the social and economic inclusion of all young people so that they can contribute to the society and be valued as part of their community whilst helping build a healthy and well founded society. Read More

We empower youth across Canada to become responsible and driven leaders who are at the forefront of making a social difference.

As you make life-shaping decisions, talk to students who have previously encountered similar choices. Our mentors are happy to offer their perspective, share the lessons that they’ve learned, and answer your questions.
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